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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Dolls and a Chicken in My Kitchen

This little corner in my kitchen contains three dolls and a chicken, all of which were made by other people. The precious Black doll in the wee corner cupboard is Nettie, by Pamela Haber of Ghost Island Primitives.  I have had Pam's link below among friends, but because it's a Picture Trail, I never noticed that her name wasn't recorded. I fixed it today. She is now on as Ghost Island Primitives. Nettie is dressed completely in early homespun.

The little angel doll is a Schneeman doll by either mother or daughter, Norma and Jennifer. They too have a picture trail, and that is where the link will take you to. Again, Schneeman Folk Art is their name.

I am not sure, but someone told me that my chicken is a Kay Cloud. There is not a signature anywhere. So to me, it is simply anonymous. The very primitive angel on the mirror with the thin, stick wings is also by someone anonymous. This angel is made by rolling the head and arms. The legs are simple pieces of fabric knotted at the ankle to make feet. I love this simple form. Both chicken and angel are created with early fabrics. Chicken's is homespun.

I love each and every one of my "purely primitive" creations.


  1. Hi Christine...darling little dolls and chicken. I love collecting antiques, but like you, I also have a special place in my heart for the creations of today's talented folk artists. :)

    Enjoy your day, Tina

  2. Hi Christine...thanks for the little look into your kitchen. I love antiques and have been drawn to the more primitive look again. I have come to appreciate these dolls made by today's artists...like you! I have you on my wish list.
    How is the Oregon City Antique mall coming along?