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Friday, May 4, 2012

Oregon Antique Mall - Closing

As many of you know, I have enjoyed from August through now, my involvement with The Oregon Antique Mall. Alas, the mall is finally having to close due to a tremendous hike in the rent.

Trish and Scott have done a beautiful job of creating an ecologically sustainable and pristine building, but this latest development is now beyond their control.

Last day of business will be May 27th.

If any of you live in the area and wish to shop there, business will resume on the 10th of the month  Thurs - Sun., 10-6, until the last day of the 27th.

I will now return to my art room full swing and create more dolls and fancy work items than I have in the past few months. My desire to rent from any mall space is now nil, for I only loved being a part of that which was virtually a block from my home.

As for my selling old things, I will have to rely on my Old & Good online shop, as well as having an occasional sale right here in my home. And those of you who know me, know that if the items on Old & Good aren't actual antiques, they are sill good, and reflect homes of olden days.

One journey down and more to come.


  1. That is a shame! It really looked like a place I would have wanted to visit during my next trip to Oregon.

  2. I am one of the many hopefuls, wishing for the rabbit to be pulled from the proverbial hat at the last moment...if not, it's still a great building and Trish can be very proud of what she and Scott accomplished.