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Monday, April 9, 2012

Dolly Heads from Friend Susy

On Thursday I was visited by a dear old friend from elementary school. Her sweet Mother recently passed  and so, the family did not know what to do with two old doll heads, but Susy remembered that I love dolls and so she visited me and totally surprised me with the lovely blonde dolly head and the smaller and equally lovely brunette head. Thank you so much Susy!

 Above, see a closer view of the pretty blonde whom I now call Susy, since Susy is a pretty blonde too.

And below is a view of a corner of our living room where you can get the full feel of where "Susy" now resides.

Below, in the dining room is the small, pretty, brunette dolly head. She is too hard to see from this fuller view, but look below into the next picture down and you will see her!


  1. Wow, they are gorgeous and a remarkable gift!

  2. Oh how sweet! It is lovely that you can have these two girls with you.
    They look beautiful in your room!

  3. What treasures! I am happy to see that they have come to live at your lovely home. I know you'll take good care of them.

  4. So pretty, what a pleasant surprise from an old friend.

  5. What a thoughtful friend! The doll heads look at home in their new surroundings. :)