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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Beautiful Rain

I am one who loves fall and winter and spring and summer; in other words, all four seasons. 

I have lived in snowy climes as well as my wonderful rain forest. I have to confess that I opt for the rain forest. I love the dark, blustery, rainy days and my umbrella and my kinsale raincoat. I do love wearing layers of clothing. I do not like to be scantily attired unless I'm sleeping.

Today I discovered an enormous mushroom! Or perhaps it's a toadstool. In any event, I had to take a photo of it with my iPhone. These babies are right outside our dining room bay window.  

Cooler seasons afford a coziness inside the house with warmth and candle light. Rain affords mobility in traveling. Shopping is never stopped short here in the rain forest, but it often was in the big snow, so I am very content with my beautiful rain.


  1. Wow, a new look to your website. That mushroom (what is a toad stool exactly... always loved the word) is definitely photogenic. I've found many a mushroom of late while raking. I prefer raking by hand, no noisy blowers for me... Thanks, too, for your lovely thoughts on our rain forest clime... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  2. I am always enamored with mushrooms. They are so magical...don't you just know there's a fairy living under there! Enjoy your lovely rain and have a happy Thanksgiving! Jenn

  3. I too love cooler weather, which we don't get enough of in Texas. Wanting to move to Oregon, but circumstance are preventing right now. My Mom always said that in cold weather you can always put on more clothes, but in hot weather there is a limit to how much you can take off! Hot true!

  4. Those are nice photos, especially the second. I prefer rain to snow any time (even though we need it in the mountains for water). I hate being housebound and I don't have snow tires.