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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Pretty Porch Sale" A WONDERFUL SUCCESS!

Granddaughter, 5 year old Grace Elizabeth, watering the lawn as we were about to begin the process of preparing for my "Pretty Porch Sale" which is done annually in Oregon City, Oregon. Thank you, Gracie, you do good work!

Our brand new balcony railings!

The front porch.

The lineup.

And the rest is almost completely gone now.

A local docent from the historic McLaughlin House, which is right around the block from our house.


  1. Awww, Gracie is beautiful! Congrats on your successful sale! Everything looks great. It would have been fun to attend.

  2. Christine ~ Gracie is adorable!
    So glad to hear you did well at the sale. :)

  3. Gracie is a sweetheart, Christine... My eyes popped when I saw the penny wooden
    dolls in one of the pix...
    would you have at least one
    left? I think this should
    have been an open porch sale
    allowing the rest of us to
    help you sweep the porch
    Have a great recovery after
    the sale.

  4. To you, Mary (Anonymous) it was an open porch sale, because it is an annual event in our town wherein hundreds of houses participate. If you live in the area, you ought to come to next year's sale.

    I am going to be doing some invitation only sales in the near future, so please contact me via your email so that I may let you know when. christinelefever@comcast.net

    Thank you so much for your exuberance!

  5. Gracie is beautiful, what a little doll! Wow, I remember you were getting ready for last year's sale when we came to visit. I wish we'd have timed it right to attend this one! The porch railings look gorgeous!

    Funny, the docent looks as if she could be living in the era for which she is dressed with the items you have for sale that surround her! :)

  6. What a doll she is!!! That is a darling picture!!!
    Wish I lived closer to come to your sale.

  7. Wish I lived closer too ... I would have been there for sure! Glad to hear you did so well! Good luck with your space at the antique mall, I'm sure it will be a hit too@

  8. Oh how i want to attend one of your porch sales girl

    love the new balcony rails

    and how sweet is the water girl?

    let me get an invite for one of your invitation only sales. I may just be in Portland

  9. I love your home and what a fun thing to do. Thank you for sharing it with us xoxo Clarice

  10. Now that is a sale I wish I could have attended. Those pewter teapots would be sitting on my mantle now. and the wooden penny dolls would surely have found a comfortable spot amongst the other dollies in the guest room!