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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Happy 5th Birthday, Adorable and Beautiful Gracie!

Yesterday was our dear little granddaughter, Grace Elizabeth's 5th birthday.

Brigitte, Grace's mom, our daughter, made all of these delightful dollies and decorated the party with them! I guess one could call them "Party Dolls".

Beautiful Gracie, eager to begin the opening of her gifts.

And the cake...

Fun in the sun on hold until after gifts and cake and ice cream.

 Below, see Grace's handsome, brother, Alex, (who will be 20 next month!), and his beautiful girlfriend, Sarah. Such fun in that pool for all. And who is that little fish in the corner? Of course it is Emma, also 5 years old and Grace's best friend who did not want to come out of the water even for cake and ice cream. Emma calls us Mimi and Baba, for she loves us and we love her and so have stepped in to be more grandparents for her, since we also love her Auntie/Mom, Amanda. See above. I told Amanda to say "prune". She did it so nicely.

Bathing darlings having a blast.

She told me she would love to have a "pink" piano, and below is what I scored for her, along with that hot pink, velvet and diamond tufted toy box.

Looks as though friend, Layton, who will be 5 in September, is getting some water into that device.

You go, Layton, squirt your silly and wonderful father! Sorry I did not capture any pictures of the very saturated Eric.

All-in-all it was a delightful time, and there were many other people there, but I whip out my little iPhone camera only once in a while. This was all that I managed to snap. 


  1. What a fun party! Nice photos of a very nice time..those little dolls were a nice touch to a fun party!

  2. Love that pink Piano

    girl parties are so much fun and a swiming party makes it a lot more fun. Didin't realized it was warm enough for a pool yet in Portland

    i'm sure you made all the dolls ?


    Happy Birthday Gracie

  3. Janice, no I did not make the dolls; my daughter did! She has begun this line of really cute, cuddly dolls just for kids.

  4. What a fun party! Such a great family time you had.The water looked cool!

  5. Looks like a fun summer party! And I love those adorable, handmade dolls! so cute

  6. What a darling post...and such cute dolls! None as cute though, as your sweet little doll Gracie!! :) Tina