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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Mouses Houses by Maggie Rudy

A friend of mine from Ohio pointed this blog out to me the other day. Thank you Heather!

I am beyond thrilled to see this incredibly talented artist, Maggie Rudy's world of adorable mice, or as she prefers, "mouses".

Maggie lives in Portland, Oregon, which is my fair city but minutes away form my Oregon City home. I ordered her newest book The House that Mouse Built and am eager to peruse it joyfully and slowly.

Note the stove that mouse is warming himself by, for it is made of a poppy seed.

You must visit Mouses Houses and see what I am talking about! Enjoy!


  1. Absolutely adorable!!!
    I pulled awaybthe cobwebs at the very back of my memory, and remembered I had loved reading Stuart Little, .....most likely, the beginning of my love for little Mouses. Our wonderful elementary school librarian, mrs. Beasley, recognized a kindred spirit in me, for we both had the ever popular Mrs. beastly dolls...hers stayed in a cradle by her desk in the library....mine in my rocker at home...
    She introduced me to the "borrowers" as well. It nourished a love for miniatures...and the rest is history..;)
    Will have to visit this wonderful blog...thanks for sharing...

  2. They are adorable...what talent!
    Margaret B

  3. What a talent. I love anything small.Cheri

  4. Christine, you MUST get the book! It's wonderful. If you go to her blog, there is a really nice video of her talking about how they put the book together. Delightful!

    Needless to say, I am totally into these mice and adore the book! You know me and mice....love them!

    xx Helen

  5. Oh Christine they are fantastic! We love our mice toys around here. We read alot of mouse themed books such as Tutum & Nutmeg and The Tale of Tiptoes Lightly. We made a fairy garden here:

    You'll see Tilda Churchmouse, a gift from dollmaker Eli at Flutterby Patch blog. We love her!

    Thanks for sharing the blog, can't wait to check her out



  6. These are just darling! It's so nice when things are displayed in vignettes so we can enjoy them even more.

  7. Hi Christine~

    Thanks so much for sharing about this adorable book!! I went to her site as well and enjoyed her video so much! Amazing!! What a fun place to visit!! It made me smile!!

    Have a lovely day!!


  8. Hello Girlie!
    Hope you have been well!
    This is just too cute!
    Sandra Evertson

  9. Oh gosh, what imagination and creativity! I love it all! I will go and see her work. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  10. Hi Christine, I noticed the listing for this blog in your list yesterday. I visited right away. I want the book too. I loved the little picture of bath time with the pet woolie caterpillar. I am always rescuing them from our driveway. Thanks for posting!

  11. Hi Christine

    I love the little mice art also, however not the mice in my garden shed LOL

    I just love looking at the talent you and this artist has


  12. How adorable are those mouses!!!

  13. Thank you Christine!!
    These are the nicest mouses I've ever seen! Can't wait to visit Maggie's site now.

    Hope ALL is well!