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Monday, December 27, 2010

I'm through with my Sabbatical, and am introducing Elizabeth, and sharing Christmas 2010 with you.

Elizabeth 1, 2010, my newest reproduction doll has just appeared on my website for the first time, today, without any real fanfare other than this blog post. Visit her here.

Otherwise, having taken a small sabbatical from posting, I am eager to get back with sharing my world with all of you dear and wonderful people who visit me.

Our Christmas Day was lovely, spent with some of our family members. We had a delicious prime rib dinner, and we enjoyed much Christmas cheer.

I have already taken down all of my Christmas decorations, but I do have pictures of what I had out this year.

Above is my wonderful milliner's model (1820''s - 30's) where she always sits in the entry hall on my Danish end table, ca 1840's. I made the little paper tree on a stand replete with paper quilled ornaments.
Above is a shot of our living room and my darling, Victorian, "pencil tree" that I've taken out of storage for years on end. Yes, I do love real trees, but it is so much easier for me to set up this slender beauty, and so, I allow the rest of you real tree aficionados to have your fresh scented pine, which I can enjoy when I visit you!

What would Christmas be without a Nativity Scene?

My mantel made room for my Santa's and angels and my darling little feather tree that I made many years ago. I so enjoy it.

There sits one of my very favorite dolls, created by the great Pam Haber of Ghost Island Primitives. This raggedy beauty is Beth Ann, and she enjoys sitting next to a very old bottle brush tree and an old bank Santa.

Another little Nativity Scene that is missing a few pieces.

And another, also missing a piece or two.

In my entry hall, the old-fashioned Christmas Carolers always welcome my guests at Christmas.

There sits the head of the household, my dear, Gregory, and next to him is 4 year old granddaughter, Grace, and our daughter Brigitte and her husband, father to Grace, James.

On the other side of Gregory is Brigitte's dear and wonderful friend, Amanda.

There sit James' parents, Jack and Diane!

The young man on the very end is our wonderful grandson, Alexander, sitting next to his close friend, Colin, and whom do you suppose took the picture? I, of course, hence, no picture of me this year. I'm terribly camera shy anyway.

I'm so happy that it was all so lovely and that it is now a memory. There is much to be done.

I'm wishing you all a very happy New Year!



  1. Your home looked absolutely wonderful. Thanks for the tour of your beautiful home, family dinner and lovely decorations.

    Your dear little Christmas angel is right here next to the keyboard..I love her! Thank you!

    Happy new year to you --wonderful to see your post!XX Helen

  2. P.S.! I forgot to say your Elizabeth doll is gorgeous!

  3. I'm glad your sabbatical was short! Thanks for sharing pictures of your Christmas! I love your new doll. Very lovely!

  4. Wonderful!!! Love the little glimpse of your Christmas decor, I love seeing someone else who decorates with dolls and enjoys it!
    Your new doll is beautiful!
    Margaret B

  5. Love your beautiful doll...what a talent you are. All your Christmas decorations are wonderful ....love that sweet rag doll too!
    Beautiful family as well.....many blessings on your New year.....Shelley

  6. I am glad you are back and REALLY enjoyed seeing your beautiful home at Christmas.

    Elizabeth is darling!!!

    Happy New Year!!!

  7. Well I am glad that was a short Sabbatical!! Elisabeth is just charming. Oh and your home. I am ready to move it. I see you got pictures of everyone, incluing hats ;-) xoxo Clarice

  8. Yea!!!!!!! You made my day Christine! Loved you post. Miss Elizabeth is "charming".

    Happy New Year to you and your family.