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Friday, October 15, 2010


Today I finally got around to working on a slew of my "slip-ins" as I have named these wee cards that I slip into one's package. My customers will recognize them.

First I paint a picture of a doll. Next I scan the painting. I then manipulate it so as to produce tiny cards of my dolls. I print them off, cut them out, and put them onto card stock stands. I enjoy embellishing them with a little glitter.

Now it's off to the store for a few more supplies.



  1. They are wonderful...love them...you are blessed with much talent....blessings

  2. You have been so (sew) busy!
    All the wonderful treasures I keep finding on here and your other blog pages have me Ooooing and Ahhhhing all over the place. Now these sweet little things are just the icing on your cupcakes, sprinkles, too!

  3. How sweet ~ what a fun idea...... your collectors will cherish these I'm quite certain :)

    ~ Johanna

  4. Christine....I always love your slip-ins but they look especially wonderful standing there in such a cozy bunch. You do such lovely work!


  5. Those cards are amazing. I would so collect and treasure every one! Karmen

  6. What a Beautiful display of your amazing talent!! So lovely!! I'm sure all those who receive one feel so happy for this additional "extra treasure"!

    Thanks for sharing them with us!!


  7. Oh Christine those are too adorable! Your customers are indeed a lucky bunch!
    Have a super weekend...
    Tina xo

  8. They are all lovely - and a great idea! I especially like the doll dressed in red in the center of the last photo.


  9. I love these pictures of the little dolls all lined up! So, so cute!!!

  10. Hello Christine,

    Your slip-ins are wonderful--very clever idea. Just like playing with paper dolls again---I did amd still do!

    Thank you for sharing your special talent with us, as it is beautiful!

    :) Carolyn

  11. What a great idea! Your slip-ins are wonderful!

  12. So sweet, your customers will be over-the-moon!!! Clarice