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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Yesterday Was Such Fun!

I shot this picture (above) yesterday.

I took this picture from their website. (Above)

Below is the family living room.

This is a gorgeous dining room.

Below is the fabulous kitchen of which one can only see a wee corner. It is a very large and charming, old world kitchen.

Above is me at the age of 15 in the family living room at the Bush House. There was a bit of catnip in my hand.

I shot the picture below yesterday.
Yesterday Greg and I had a fabulous day. First we went to a wonderful estate sale in Portland, and scored some wonderful treasures from a three story house in an old and beautiful neighborhood (My old one, Laurelhurst).

Then we went to Duck Pond winery where we are members, and there we sampled some delicious cheeses with wine, picked up our order, and then, best of all for me, toured one of my favorite houses, the Bush House in Salem.

When I was a teen, I was a fitter's model for Jantzen. I would walk to Jantzen after school and usually I just stood there while my darling boss, Elsa Albright, would pins garments to me and study how they looked. Periodically I got to swim in the indoor pool there to see how swimsuits would hold up, and then there was an occasional fashion show. But the ONLY time I ever was involved in a photographic shoot, for a brochure, was at the Bush house. That was where I fell in love with high Victorian homes. Up until that time, via my Mother's influence, I was fully ensconced in the wonders of early America. I simply love both, and am so happy that my home is also, like the Bush House, an Italianate. Something about those high ceilings!

The Asahel Bush House (pronounced A-sell) is a small mansion with 12 foot ceilings. Ours is a cottage with 11 foot ceilings.


  1. Wow! That had to be so much fun! Love the photos and can see how and why you were so influenced. What a gorgeous place! An look at you! What a wonderful photo!

    You have those high ceilings and ours are only 7' in our 1910 house. I adore Italianate, too...so glad you live in one!

    XO Helen

  2. Thanks for the revisit to the Bush House. Love that photo of you, posing as a teen for Jantzen! Didn't know you were a model!
    Thanks, too, for stopping by the garage sale on Saturday. You look fab with your new cut!!! Great to see you & Greg.

  3. Hi Christine,
    That had to be fun! Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fun experience that must have been. I love the photo of you as a model! (From what I can see in the photo, your daughter looks exactly like you!)
    I can see why you fell in love with The Bush House. Your home is gorgeous, and it is evident by the way you have artistically appointed it that you appreciate and respect its style.