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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sweltering Peg Woodens

I have stripped the girls and stood them all together (save for two who remain clothed in a cooler area), and it is because of the HUMIDITY, yes, you heard me correctly, humidity in western, Oregon. I tell you, it has NEVER done this before. I've know humidity in other states. I never knew any existed here. I once saw a humidity map of the United States, way back in the 1960's wherein it fully claimed that humidity that makes you feel the mugginess does not exist in the west. Well, since Mother Nature is going to town changing stuff, we're now getting that heinous kind of weather. The past three days have been dripping with it. Oh well. At least the vegetation does even better. Now for some exciting thunderstorms, fingers crossed, because I LOVE thunder storms, but we never get them here. And maybe next June we'll finally get some fireflies, for we don't have them here either, and I do love them. I have strung some flickering, solar powered sparkling lights in my garden to be my faux fireflies, and they are truly enchanting.

And oh yes, my stint at Thea's was intoxicatingly wonderful. (See previous post) And no, I did not take any pictures, because I always forget.

So that is the latest on this front.

I trust all is well and wonderful with all of you. It surely is with me!


  1. Oh that darned humidity...I used to experience when I was growing up in Ontario. We have been feeling the mugginess here in Calgary lately. And like you, we don't get that here. It has been quite damp here lately...hence the humidity.

    I hope it goes away from you soon. Your dollies look sweet all in a row. Poor dears...hopefully mother nature will smarten up and they can get dressed soon!

    Have a wonderful day!
    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Love the photo of the pegs...do NOT love humidity which has been with us ...since spring...with lots of clouds, high temps and very little rain.

    Oh! Wish you had rememebred photos! But, glad you had a great time at Thea's.

  3. Ohhh...I just love those peg woodens! The weather has been uusually hot here in Buffalo as well. But no one is complaining much, the season is so short that we can handle a few sweltering days. Is been a lovely Summer otherwise. So sweet you take such good care of your little peg woodens.

  4. I love fireflies. I call them firefaires. There is something magical in seeing them twinkle in the tall grass or in between the flowers. I anxiously await the first sighting every summer. It seems the more humid it is the more there are.

    Your wooden pegs are adorable. So very thoughtful of you to try and make the ladies more comfortable.

    Hope cooler and dryer weather for you and your dollies.


  5. Hi Christine

    I read where you were in the Pearl district. wonderful
    It is so funny, not really for you all but when I first started visiting Portland it would be 78 maybe 80 in July & August out there.
    Then about 22 years ago one Saturday In June it was 85 I think I remember.
    Back then there were building $400,000 house with NO AIR CONDITIONING!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it.
    Anyway here in the mid-west it is HOT , high humidity and heat index 110!!!!!!
    Anyway back to your lovely dolls. They are just so cute.
    You are such an artist.
    March is such a long way off now. Hope to see you then

  6. Those Peg dolls are so darn cute. I kept thinking it was just 'me' feeling the humidity!
    Of course, we're going to have some serious heat this weekend to add to the mix...
    always something!