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Sunday, April 25, 2010

No More Facebook

The beautiful brick Federal Farmhouse, pictured above, circa 1820's, is the home of my mother, who turned 88 on Monday. Pictured at the fence is yours truly from a few years ago. One of my four brothers, who mows her lawn these days is standing nearby. One other dear brother, Tom, died two years ago. He used to live with mother. He maintained the yard and did all of her cooking. Although she had eight children (four boys and four girls), she never really enjoyed cooking.

This picture of serenity is what I gravitate toward, rather than the people filled, albeit friends, mechanisms of Facebook. As I was approaching 1,800 friends on "FB", it occurred to me that I never have time for it and yet daily I receive countless people coming to be my friends. I don't like to turn anyone away, but at last, I simply closed down my Facebook Account yesterday, so that I may strive more towards a serene existence where maintaining my home and enjoying my art prevails.

Mother seems to do just fine in the countryside of southern, Ohio, where she moved to in the 1990's, from here in Oregon. After my dear father's death, that which called her was that same love of olden days and beautiful old things and especially her beautiful house. She still hops into her car daily and heads to the antiquing realms. Her love of beauty rules her, and I am precisely the same way. Now to my dolls...


  1. It is nice to hear someone else feels the same about FB. I find it hard just to blog....I seem to spend more time doing that then making my bears and dolls.
    I felt lifted somehow to hear your words.
    You family home is so beautiful, makes me think of earlier years when life seemed to be simpler.
    Margaret B

  2. Dear Christine I agree with Margaret. I've been thinking of closing my FB account as well. I don't know who half of these so-called friends are, and I feel obligated to accept their smiley face, hearts etc. I don't enjoy it anymore because its become a chore and it takes away time from my blog. I love your home, is perfect for you.
    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Christine, your mom's home is wonderful...!!! I applaud your decision to close FB, sometimes I, too, wonder if I should simplify my life.... I've heard of a few people doing what you are doing with their Twitter, FB and other social distractions...!!!
    So sad I missed you at Cindy's, maybe we should plan a lunch one of theses days...!!

  4. Hello Christine,
    It does take some time to be on Fb doesn't it. I have been enjoying it somewhat and have been able to find a few friends I have missed.
    Have a wonderful week.

  5. You are so right....all the little to do's add up so very quickly and leaves little time for creating.

    What a wonderful home..thank you for sharing :)

    Hugs to you my friend,

  6. This is just such a great site. I can't get enough of it. I love folk art and the look and feel of early American life. You capture it all so wonderfully.

  7. Hi Christine,
    Thank you for visiting my blog and becoming a follower. I would be delighted to be added to your blog roll. I agree completely with you on the FB tobic. It seems too fast and furious to me. I like the personal touch of blogging and I enjoy each visit here.
    Take Care,

  8. Hi Christine,
    Oh, I just love this wonderful old home...it is a beauty! And you look very pretty in that picture!

    A girl after my own heart...I took the FB badge off my blog awhile ago and if it weren't for my sister...I would be right there with you...I may do it anyway...we'll see.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  9. wow, that house is stunning. What a beautiful setting! I feel much the same as you...I find myself resisting the technology age-- I dont want a smart phone. I dont want to text. Basically, I dont want my life to be ruled by that sort of thing. Granted, I do love my email, but its also how I run my business. I just think its a bad idea to be so connected to the online world that you forget to participate in the real world. Even an antique world!

  10. Hi Christine! Yes~ the age of instant technology, I am glad you have said no to facebook! I know of several people that do nothing but constantly text on their phones(I dont have a cell phone either) and my own mother keeps wanting me to get on facebook just to do some 'farmville' thing(of which WHY on earth would I want to do that on the computer, when I have the real thing needing to be done here???)....these people are obsessed and end up dong nothing but staring at a screen all day and night long! Dont get me wrong, I love my computer, couldnt live without it, but try and keep myself to an hour in the morning, and hour at night~ LIFE keeps me busy, and I intend on keeping it that way :) Your Mothers house is a picture of happiness by the way!
    xoxoxo rachael

  11. Hi Christine,
    How BEAUTIFUL your mother's home is!!! I am tickled to hear she still loves getting in her car to antiquing. I guess that love is something that never leaves us. I am glad!!! It also tells that what we do in this life does effect arer children,like mother, like daughter. How blessed we are!!!
    THANK YOU FOR SHARING!!!, and keep having fun with those dollys!!
    Many HUGS,

  12. Glad you made that decision serene is good.

  13. Beautiful home and Ohio is a wonderful state full of history and tranquility.
    Never had a Facebook account, don't own a cell phone... join me as we return to the important things in life and indulge in the creative ventures that truly inspire and make a difference...if only in our own little world.
    Susan x

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to your Mom. What a beautiful home she has! How wonderful that she still enjoys antiquing.
    I have to confess I can't get into the FB thing either....I get lost in the pace of it all and have just about given up on it. Haven't been there in weeks. Like Susan, I don't have a CP either....guess I'm an "ancient" at heart.

  15. Happy late Birthday to you Mom!!
    AND what a gorgeous home she has.
    Glad you are onto your dolls. I'm not into fb either Christine!!