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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I have been doing cleanup in my gardens, for the past several days, and it is so invigorating and satisfying to watch my compost heap grow as my grounds take on that of a cleanly swept home.
Of course, the pictures here are all from Colonial Williamsburg, so don't  give me credit for these wondrous sites. Just enjoy and be inspired!


  1. Thank you - I am, indeed, inspired! I thought I recognised colonial Williamsburg, although I haven't been there since I was about 7 (we are British, and only lived in the States for 3 years). The colonial style has remained very influential in my life, though.

    Spring is in the air here in France, too. My husband gave me 'proto-flowers' for Valentine's Day i.e. summer bulbs, so I need to get out planting too.

  2. How very different weather we do have...it is snowing very hard here right now..spring will be upon us soon enough I am sure..I'm so glad you are getting to enjoy your garden and feeling that lovely spring air!

    Thank you for the lovely pictures..they are beautiful.


  3. Beautiful pics, Christine. We still have a little snow on the ground and could get more next week! Parish the thought!!

    You have inspired me to think Spring!

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  4. When I saw the pretty photos, I was going to be extremely jealous of your weather! I guess I still can be though, today has been our first sunny day in quite awhile! Come on Spring!

  5. Quite lovely and inspirational as well!

    It is snowing right now and we could have snow through April in New England, as you know. Despite that, it is lovely to dream of spring!

  6. we are still in summer-but we are digging over our veggie garden-to get it ready for winter planting...

  7. So beautiful Christine~ Williamsburg is definately Heaven on earth~ dont you think? The tulpis are my favorite, my Mom always had teh beds in front of the house filled with red yellow ones, they were always the first flowers to pick in teh spring....well~ after the first buttercups! The chickens have my yard picked down way too far, so am leaving them up in the pen this week~ I cant wait for spring to come. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo , rachael

  8. Oh! I love these photos! I really want to go to Williamsburg. I think I belong there!
    Isnt it fun to see the little signs of life in the garden? My daffodils and hiacynths are peeking up and I've got buds on the rosebush. Makes me feel good, spring is coming! Even if I do have a nasty cold ;)

  9. I keep coming back to look at these pictures...I am in love with them! I wish I could just pack up and move there ;)

  10. Flowers! *sigh* We have about three feet of snow on the ground here in Maine, and are expecting more at the end of the week. But surely spring will come... right?

  11. Hi Christine, thanks for stopping by my blog. Gotta love those leggings! Your blog and Dolls are beautiful and inspiring. Love the garden pics too, can't wait to start planting, this year I and going for ornamental grasses, we are trying to make a private spot within our yard so I am hoping they will grow fast and tall!