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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and My Beginning of the Holiday Season

I have loved this beautiful, serene card for years. It was made by dear friends from the Right and Propper company, back in 1992. Photography by the late Marion E. Hilton of the Von Der aye House in Molalla, Oregon, Assisted by Teresa Hilton

Edward Hicks paintings are so beautiful to me. Above is one called The David Twinings Farm, 1787, and I do see a couple turkeys in that charming yard. It is not a card, but a copy of one of his paintings that I found online.


  1. The first photo is serene. I can imagine a young wife descending the staircase to have one final glance in the looking glass and tying on her apron, before she begins to prepare the Thanksgiving dinner for her new husband. It is their first together and they shall have all the fixings as soon as he returns from the hunt with the bird.
    Wishing you and Greg a joyous celebration.
    xo Susan

  2. Hi Christine...I do love cards. Yours are so lovely. The first one is very beautiful...peaceful.

    Hope you are having a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.

    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  3. Wonderful cards, especially "William Penn's Treaty with the Lenape Chiefs at Shackamaxon, 1682. These card scenes represent the true meaning of the day.

    As we drove through New England today on the Mohawk Trail, we thought about the Indians and colonists and their lives at the time of the first Thanksgiving. Thank you for posting them and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too.


  4. I too love the first card Christine! HAPPY Thanksgiving!!! The second one I can relate with the turkeys....my Mr Giving ALWAYS walks around all pouffed up & displaying........and gosh, if your moterized wagon should be so adorned with a bit of chrome for him to look into, he will be a friend for life!
    Hope you & Gregory had a wonderful day
    xoxoxox rachael

  5. Hello Christine. Just read the very nice article.
    Hope you and Gregory had a lovely Thanksgiving with your family. How wonderful to have a brand new baby. You are blessed.

  6. What beautiful images. November is such a quiet but beautiful month, isnt it? That photo is lovely, as are the paintings.

  7. The only reason Nancy, Helen and Rachael thought the other two pictures were of cards was because of my original wording. Sorry Girls! Anyway, I think everyone now knows that the first one is a card and the other are paintings.


  8. I adore that first image. I could look at it forever.


  9. Oh my gracious, I just love these photo's...especially the first one...so very simple and quiet.

    Hope you had a most wonderful Thanksgiving and WELCOME to December.


  10. A late holiday greeting to you. Hope your Thanksgiving was full of memory making, especially with a new wee one in the family.
    I too love Hicks' paintings, what a remarkable artist.