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Friday, August 15, 2008

Early American Art by Ladies

Here is more of my favorite type of art; the type that I would have in my home.

Above, Eunice Pinney's "The Courtship"
Above, Deborah Goldsmith painted "Sarah Stanton Mason Throop", 1830's


  1. I love these too Christine~ now I NEED to know~ W*H*O* is this Eunice Pinney? I have never heard of her~ would love to read about her! Seeing these pictures makes me think of your paper vases you make with the painting on them~ I can see the early inspiration and influence~ WONDERFUL!

  2. These pictures are beautiful, Christine!!! You have wonderful taste!!

  3. Hello Zwee!!! I LOVE "Lucy Perkins" by Sara Perkins... how hauntingly beautiful is that portrait?! The pieces that you shared with us are really wonderful... aren't the gals a talented group of chicks? We all have great paths to follow. Thank you for showing these works of art.
    P.S. Is it hot up there yet? :-)

  4. Christine, these are wonderful! Great colors, I especially love the one by Eunice (name!) Pinney.
    xo Lidy

  5. These paintings are beautiful! As you know, I have something of an interest in early american lady painters :) It is Deborah Goldsmith that I was telling you about, the one that ended up marrying the son of a patron.
    That story has actually inspired me to write a short story...I'm hoping to really do something special with it :)
    Thanks for the visual feast!

  6. Really enjoyable seeing this worked grouped together en masse. Thanks for doing that!

    Another early American art form that I love is theorem painting and many women painted in that style.

    Of course, I live in New England where colonial images abound everywhere-- especially in public spaces.

    Loving that Eunice Pinney!


  7. Helen,

    Indeed, I am schooled in theorem painting for I studied many of the decorative arts of the earlier days. I truly love it all. Having lived in Vermont for a few years, and even had our son there, I do appreciate beautiful New England. Next to my beloved Oregon it is the best place on earth for me!


  8. Thank you for sharing all of these Christine! The Tow Sisters has been a favorite since I saw it in a book a couple years ago.

  9. Lovely tribute to the talent of Early American women and their art!

  10. Thank you Christine for all the beautiful pictures. Remember the Therom strawberry you made me, representing a few holidays? I was just looking at it today. I love it still. Your blog looks very nice and I see you have added Gregory too. I'll have to visit him when I have some free time.
    Happy day, Zwee

  11. Women celebrating women. What's not to love! Thank you for putting together and sharing this beautiful collection.

  12. Wouldn't it be great to have a whole wall massed out with women subjects and artists?? Or Johnny Depp- I'm fine with either.
    : )

  13. Dear Christine,
    I have to say, with the risk of sounding like an obsessed groupie, that meeting you yesterday was one of the most exciting things that have happened to me lately!! Not only are you an amazing artist, you are a cool chick, too!!! You were so sweet to open your doors to Lisa and I, and the connection was immediate!! I hope to see you again soon!!
    P.S. - Your husband is a sweetheart, too!

  14. Christine, thank you for sharing these wonderful pictures with us . these women are the true pioneers for women in art. There legacy is evident today with all the wonderful differant art forms women are producing today.We are indeed blessed have to the freedom to let are imaginations run wild. Thank you, Julie

  15. I love your new tiny tot dolls. They are all so sweet.