Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Faery School House

Recently I discovered Terri Heinz' beautiful blog, Artful Affirmations, with her wonderful free video tutorials. I was instantly enamored of her Faery School House and set to creating my very own via her thorough tutorial.

I am so happy that my yard this year is resplendent with rich, Oregon moss, for I did not have to buy any moss in which to adorn my faery school.  I have discovered a whole new world in which to explore, and Terri has led the way.

Enjoy visiting her!



Katie said...

This is so cool. I have been meaning to try a mixed media dollhouse ( add that to list). The moss works great. I will go check out her blog too.

Terri said...

So well done Christine! I love that your shoe box is taller than mine was, it gives a real lofty-ness to the room!
How fabulous that it is your own moss on the school. It looks so good, way better than my moss!
I love the inside as well as all your fairies!
I will post about it on my blog tomorrow (I hope!).

DollZandThingZ said...

Well, Miss Christine! You have outdone yourself! Needless to say, I love this! BEAUTIFUL!

Now you should make one with miniatures of your own wonderful dolls in an old home. See? You have sparked my imagination! Now I want to make a house...

xx Helen

The French Bear said...

I love it!! Isn't her tutorial wonderful...I love the way she makes all her beautiful things! I plan on making one with my granddaughter this summer.
You have made a spectacular faery school! How lovely to have all that gorgoeus moss!
Margaret B

Elizabeth said...

That is so cool!! I love it! I want to do one!

Donna Pizzi said...

FABULOUS... I love working with the moss in our yard on shoots. But what you've done here surpasses anything I've seen. BRAVA!!! Keep it is right.

Heather said...

This is so neat, Christine!!! You did an amazing job! I love how you were able to use your own moss!

Mary said...

Beautiful! Can you imagine actually getting to go to school in a place as wonderful as this?

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hi Christine,

I've come for a visit by way of Terri's blog...I had to see all the pictures of your faerie school. :0) It's just enchanting.

Have a wonderful day,

Deb Harvey said...

WOW! Your Faery School House is amazing! My granddaughter would love it!

It's wonderful living in rainy Oregon, isn't it!...gorgeous moss!!!

Gaby Bee said...

I came across a link to your beautiful blog from Terri.
This just leaves me breathless! Your fairy house is just divine!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Gaby xo

Storybook Woods said...

Oh Christine, how utterly charming and yeah for the mossy NW!!! xoxox Clarice

I Love Crafts said...

Hi Christine your faery school is very beautiful! I'm doing my faery school whith my son and we're having a lot of fun.

Atticbabys said...

What a magical, whimsical faery house!
The lovely details that you put into everything you do shines through!

I must check out this tutorial!!!


Suzanne said...

How looks as if you had a lot of fun putting this together!