Saturday, March 24, 2018

Altered Art/ Make-Do Doll

Here is what I call an altered art/make-do doll. To learn more about her, visit my ETSY shop.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Sisters in the Garden ~ Mixed-Media Collage ~ Paper Dolls

Two paper dolls, sisters, happily walk in the garden collecting flowers for the sheer joy of it.

This is a mixed-media piece in collage with the paper dolls in 3-D, although, they are permanently attached to the antique book board substrate.

To learn more about the sisters, please Click Here.

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Magical Poppet Doll

I love the folklore world of poppets and dolls that represent a touch of witchcraft, albeit, mine only apply to that of goodness for the love of that which is most important in this big old world of ours. Here is my little magical poppet doll. She can be found in better description at my shop.  To learn more about her, please Click Here.

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SOLD - Fairy & The Lost Kitten, Mixed Media Paper Doll on Antique Book Board

As a doll maker, my fondness for paper dolls is strong. This is a paper doll, although not independent of her background; only in that she is indeed a cutout doll, but permanently affixed to the substrate which is an antique book board. It was the hard cover of an old book that fell apart. And this makes this piece a mixed-media collage.

To learn more about this piece, please click here.

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SOLD ~ My Happy Border Collie Painting ~

My Newest Little Book, A Sudden Fancy

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