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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Moss & Daffodils

Here I go again, lauding the beauty of all of this rich, green, Oregon moss. Yes, I do love it. Of course, we do live in the only rain forest in the northern hemisphere, so it's best to actually make the best of what many do not care for; that being inclement, rainy weather, moss and lichens and gray skies throughout much of the winter. But this winter hasn't been so bad here this year.

I'm sorry for all of you in the snowy climes where it has been horrid from what many of you have said.

Our "yard" is not a garden, as many like to call their yards. And it is a weird one, but we're happy here. We have an over abundance of bamboo, not much of which is pictured here, and of course the ubiquitous ivy that has become a problem in this state. Laurel and evergreen trees abound. You cannot grow a flower garden or a vegetable garden in this yard either, because the property was built on mass basalt. So we make the best of it in admiring the rich, green moss during the winter and spring.
When I spot a flower in this yard, I am elated. And we do have many lovely bulbs that keep multiplying. Here are some daffodils. I took these pictures a couple days ago. Today the daffodils are more resplendent as well as abundant, but it is very rainy today, so I'm not going out there to photograph any more.

Soon there will be bluebells that virtually carpet this entire property. I love that.

I planted these pansies just the other day. I'm glad the extreme rain and wind have not caused them harm.
Just wanted to share the pretty moss. I do harvest some of it, dry it and keep it in bags for artistic use. I will show you one-of-these-days what I'm doing with it.


  1. Sigh...your yard/garden is beautiful. It is my idea of a perfect garden. How I envy your climate! (and your garden!)

    xx Helen

  2. I love the moss too. Your garden looks very inviting. Enjoy your weekend!

  3. I love your garden, it is enchanting. The moss is just beautiful!

    Take Care,

  4. Isn't the different gardens we all have a wonderful thing. Your greens in your garden are so magical. The moss is so interesting and so fairy like. Cheri

  5. Dear Christine,
    I'm made about Moss and yours is the prettiest ever!!


    Still happy not be on fb thank you very much!