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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Happy 42nd. Anniversary to Gregory and Me!

Gregory and I celebrated our 42nd. anniversary yesterday at the Oregon Coast. It was a wonderful day! We left early in the morning and were home by 10:00 PM. The date of our wedding (elopement ahem) was September 14, 1968.

Below is my Prince Charming way back when, and following are three pictures of yours truly, and there is no wedding attire in sight, because we eloped, and have never regretted it.

Below is an eerie scene from Ecola State Park's Indian Beach.

There I am on the beach at Gearhart.

That is the path to the beach.

Of course the weather was sunny one moment and dark and foggy the next as one can see in the two shots of trees.

But my favorite part of the excursion was in touring the incredibly beautiful, Queen Anne, Flavel House Mansion in Astoria. This gorgeous home was slated to be torn down for a parking lot way, way back long ago, but the angelic historic society members saved it! I am so happy to have seen it. There are 11,600 square feet to this beauty.

That is not a ghost. It is I walking up the stairs to the second floor.

Again, not a ghost, but I, taking my very own picture in that mirror.

Hello! What's this? Yes, it is again I, taking a picture of myself in another mirror!


  1. Christine~

    What an absolutely incredible house and wonderful pictures too!!!Thank you for sharing your special day and wishing you heartfelt congratulations as well for 42 years together....truly something to be proud of!! Happy Anniversary!!


  2. Happy Anniversary to you both !!!

    Hugs, Angie

  3. Happy anniversary, Christine and Greg!!! That is quite an accomplishment!!!!

  4. Happy Anniversary Christine. You both look adorable.
    What a gorgeous haunting house and surroundings. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Congratulations on achieving 42 years with your sweetheart! That house is amazing and I hope I can tour it someday, as I love old houses. I was just telling my cousin about you yesterday and how sweet you were to show me (and my DIL and GD) your beautiful home and your dolls! We had just walked by an old home and the owner was outside and told us it was built in 1873. BTW, we celebrated our 48th anniversary last month.

  6. Beautiful pictures Christine and a very heartfelt Happy Anniversary to you both and many many more!
    Tina xo

  7. This is a wonderful post Christine. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and discriptions of what you experienced. Congratutations on your 42 years together. "Happy Anniversary."

    My husband and I will be celebrating our 46 September 26.
    You were married in September also. It was and is a beautiful time of the year! Blessing to you both. Carolyn

  8. First of all, Happy Anniversary!....a little late.
    The two of you are make such a handsome couple, both then and now.
    Congratulations on 42 years and many more.
    What a splendid way so spend your day together. The mansion is remarkable...I gasped when you said it could have been destroyed for a parking lot years ago...for shame!
    The bathtub alone did if for me! I could spend hours soaking it that. :) Lol! Thanks for sharing your day with us.
    (ps. love the haircut!)

  9. aw, happy anniversary! I love those photos of you. so dreamy and ethereal! Those photos of the house are gorgeous too! Oh, I need an old house some day....

  10. Christine, these pictures are amazing! I LOVE to hear about old houses that have been saved...so many have not:( But I have to say that my favorite pictures are the ones of you and your hubby on your wedding day-so young and full of hope!

  11. Lovely photos and congratulations to you and your husband!