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Friday, March 26, 2010

Ruthey, my Izannah Workshop Doll

I have been involved in the Dixie Redmond, Izannah Walker, workshop and this is my doll created in the process. I have named her Ruthey. Sitting with Ruthey is my wonderful new acquistion, a Schneeman dog called Patches. I found him at The 1800 House.


  1. Hi Christine...
    Oh, she is really sweet. Such a darling size and adorable face.

    I am a member but I couldn't get in the workshop..so I am taking it in the fall. Can't wait...always enjoy learning.

    Have a wonderful weekend with your little Ruthie!
    Hugs, Nancy

  2. Christine, your Izannah is a lovely creation! I didn't take Dixie's class, but know her from online groups and she is a dear lady. Your Schneeman dog is a treasure as well! Hope all is well with you and your family. Have a great weekend!

  3. I love your little Ruthie doll! She is exquisite!

  4. Hello SWEET lady,
    Your Miss Ruthey is looking DEVINE!!!! She turned out absolutely wonderful!!! and she is a lucky little lady to have patches for her very own.
    I love them both!!!!!

  5. Ruthey is a darling girl! And every darling girl needs a puppy.... :)

  6. Oh,Ruthey is a sweetheart! Wonderful work, Christine! I would love to take Dixie's class too....maybe one day.
    Hope you are enjoying a sunny day....we are finally having ONE this week! :)

  7. She is Marvelous Zwee! You did a wonderful job and she looks so much at home...perhaps she needs a little sister to help her take care of pup :)
    xoxoxo rachael

  8. She is so little and dear...looking forward..oxox

  9. What a sweetie she turned out to be Zwee!!

  10. Ruthie is so sweet and petite..I just love her...
    Beautiful work Christine!
    Hugs, Marta

  11. Aw! She looks adorable with her companion! :-) And why is everyone calling you Zwee?

  12. Oh, Dixie,

    I'm so silly. My parents wanted to name me Zöe, but knew that the French pronunciation of Zwee would never be accepted and so I ended up Christine. Well, I rather like the sound of Zwee, and so, I have dubbed this my alter-ego and sign it that way often. I put a tiny notation on my blog that this is simply my alter-ego and will show up from time-to-time. I never expect anyone to actually see my notation. So don't feel as though I'm pointing something out to you that might have been an oversight on your part; for it surely is not.

    I love to add many exclamation points to Zwee when I sign that way, because Zwee is so deliriously happy, whereas Christine is a bit serious in comparison.

    There you have it!


  13. She came out wonderfully!!!!!

    hugs to you my friend

  14. Beautiful doll, Christine. I love how you can see your signature look as well as the classic Izannah Walker feel.