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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Early American Life, April 2010

Above is what it looks like on the news stand. This issue of EAL is resplendent, and I especially love the article written by my dear and brilliant (if I may say so myself) husband about milliner model dolls. Below is a snippet, just to tempt you...


  1. Hey Greg- very cool- congratulations!!

  2. Please thank your brilliant Hubby for me! It is so difficult to find info on these dolls! Can't wait to get a copy!


  3. I see we both live in Oregon..It would be fun to meet you!

    You might enjoy my husbands music..One of his guitars is 1820's Paris...

    Please let me know how we might meet or where to see your dolls.

    I like to make dolls that are historic...Juliet, Coco, Marie A...

    Happy Daffodiling...

  4. Hi Christine,
    I was wondering if that article was written by your husband! It was one of the most interesting articles I have read in EAL recently. Kudos to your hubby! Is there any chance that he has more antique doll articles in store for us?


  5. The dolls are lovely, aren't they? Looking forward to reading the article by your (I agree) talented husband!

    Hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Nancy

  6. I will look for this issue on my next trip to Barnes and Noble! I live in a small town with a terrific little bookstore, but no magazines! I love your dolls.

  7. Thank you everyone! Of course, I don't know if you realize it, but Gregory is one of the main writers for EAL, and his name can always be found in the table of contents as contributing editor. He has been writing for them since 2003. He does such excellent research and knows how to pen those words!

  8. Yes, he does....he "pens those words" seemingly with ease. Very informative, I enjoyed reading it!