Thursday, July 31, 2008

Currier & Ives

If I collect anything to hang on my walls, it is Currier & Ives, preferably framed in the romantic criss cross frames. These images I gathered from the Internet. Enjoy!


Nancy said...

Oh and I think so much alike...I have loved Currier & Ives since childhood. I have a few pieces and just love them.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Hugs, Nancy

Donna O. said...

Hi Christine-Many of these Currier and Ives I have never seen. Pretty!

Hey, I read your post on hair color-so funny. I'm not a grandma yet so I'm still kicking and screaming and going to the salon more often than I should admit. (It's called Furrier and Ives)

Christine LeFever said...

Donna, these are all taken from the Internet; I do not own any of them. Mine are not easy to find on the Internet, and I'm not ready to run around and photograph them, or scan them, but indeed, I love so much this look.


Sandra Evertson said...

Just Fabulous, I enjoyed this so much, the colors are stunning, you have great taste!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zwee!!!
lovely ones to share, thank YOu!

Hope you are well xo-


Suzanne said...

Oh, these are so pretty! I love the one entitled "Flower Dance". My son's room (when he was small) had a train theme. We had a Currier and Ives train print decorating a wall. Thanks for sharing!

Heather said...

These are so beautiful! I especially love the one with the dancers.

Fete et Fleur said...



Meadowbrook Cabin Primitives said...

Dear Christine,
The Currier & Ives paintings are fabulous. I don't think I have ever some of seen these particular pieces. Thanks for sharing that beautiful art !
Your dolls and pinkeeps are just amazing !
Please tell your husband that I am a faithful reader ( and collector )of Early American Life Magazine and his articles. It is my favorite magazine: so informative and authentic.
If you happen to have a free moment, please add me to your list.

Doreen said...

They are all beautiful Zwee..I love them all. I do so love Currier & Ives.


Lana said...

I have reprints of the 4 seasons, but haven't seen many of these. They are all beautiful!