Thursday, June 19, 2008

In Loving Memory of Dear Tasha

Our beloved Tasha Tudor and my ultimate heroine, passed away in her Vermont home, Wednesday, June 18. Visit this Memorial Website to learn more about this wonderful American icon. I have signed the memory book and donated to the Tasha Tudor Museum.

Here is the obituary from the New York Times.


Heather said...

Such a talented and wonderful woman!!!
You chose such precious pictures of her!!!

Heather said...

OH NO! I can't believe she's gone! It was always a comfort to think of her up in Vermont in her little house with her animals...I am so saddened!

Nancy said...

Hi Christine...I am so sorry you have lost a "friend". I just read her bio...what a wonderful and very talented woman. I can understand your sadness. She was a very content soul and was happy in her own skin.

Have a good weekend!
Hugs, Nancy

Christine LeFever said...

Alas, Nancy, I never expected Tasha Tudor to live forever, and I am happy in knowing that she lead a wonderfully fulfilled life and inspired so very many of us. She is in her own heaven now, which is of course, 1830's, New England with her beloved captain. (She always imagined him, I believe).

I simply assumed the entire world would have announcements about her demise. But they did not, and so I am announcing it to those of us who basically worshiped her from afar.


Atticbabys said...

So beautifully put Christine!!! What a lovely lady and such an enormous inspiration for me too!
And that I did not even know of this til now is such a shock to me!!!
I am now in mourning. :-(
Thanyou Zwee for letting me know.
And now I must have your sweet little dolly book to cheer me up! May I order one? Pretty please???
Hugs, Nan

CARole said...

I too was amazed to find that there was nothing in the new about this wonderful lady. I don't understand, and although she lived a nice long life the way she wanted, I too am saddened that she is gone. I am at the beach and can not wait to look at her books when I get back home. I think I'll look at them differently now. How is John Adams coming. Have you seen it all and did you ever buy the thyme?

Christine LeFever said...


I totally forgot about the thyme. I haven't yet given up.

John Adams was an excellent production, yes. We'll be loaning it out often.

Tasha was a great inspiration, and is with us forever in our hearts.


Donna O. said...

I saw this on Lidy's post, too. She really was amazing.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

Christine, thanks for the sweet tribute to our sweet Tasha. What a wonderful woman she was, in her quiet, loving and lovely ways, she mentored to all of us who loved her.

I am so glad she was able to live her life as she wanted, and was able to remain independent til the end.
xo Lidy

Fete et Fleur said...

So sad... She has inspired so many. I have always loved her books and ethereal artwork. This is a beautiful post!


softinthehead said...

A very touching tribute to Tasha. She was quite an inspiration and not just with her art but with her life. I never got to meet Tasha personally while living in Vermont, came close once but had to beg out due to illness. We did, however have a very good friend that is good friends with Seth and the stories he would tell about Tasha were just captivating. She is and will be missed....Pam

a painter said...

What a rich, long, productive, creative life she lived! It is hard to think of her not being there at her beloved home. She will live in our hearts and in her books. Truly an inspired woman and an inspired life.

Martha, Vintage Trifles said...

Hi,Christine! My comment regarding "Spring" stemmed from the cool/cold temperatures until just recently. I can deal with rain, but I couldn't get warm!! Hope all is well! M.

Christine LeFever said...

Oh, Martha,

Wear warmer clothes and sip some wine!Tasha made her very own raspberry cordial and it is yummy and very warming.

Sorry you couldn't get warm. You wouldn't cotton to New England, and I'm afraid that is the only other place on earth that I am interested in besides my beloved Oregon.

Christine (Zwee!!!!!!!)

Doreen said...

What a lovely tribute Zwee. I have one of Tasha's is wonderful. I too visited the memorial and signed the guest book. She lived a wonderful and long life and it's very sad to see her go.


Marlys said...

What a wonderful tribute to Tasha. She will be sorely missed by all of us who loved her.

Donna O. said...

I don't know why but I'm cracking up at at the Tag Free Zone!!
Maybe a 'commenting mandatory' is in order:)