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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Prudence Jane Plumb

I carved little Prudence Jane Plumb in 2000. That year I had her for sale at the Magic of Christmas show in Portland, Oregon. A lady wanted her and when she handed me $25.00 I was shocked, for you see, Prue was actually priced much higher than that! The lady seemed a bit miffed, but I had to decline the sale and it was then that I decided never to sell her.

Prue has sisters; some who have moved on to other homes. Here is the latest Prudence Jane Plumb awaiting her attire. She has been waiting for a couple years! Poor thing. I will cover her with something warm now that I think of it.

There, finished!


  1. Prudence Jane Plumb is so sweet!! I can't wait to see how you dress her!!
    I love all your peg dolls!!

  2. Oh my, I think I'm related to Prudence Jane Plumb on my Mother's side of the family. Is she from Cornwall or Summerset England? There does seem to be some family resemblance.

  3. too sweet!! get some clothes on her...the snow is a-comin!!! Tee-hee

    BTW, Marcie is a dear,dear friend of mine..love her to pieces!!! I was so surprised to se her name in your profile.......she is married now...I think you and I met once...long ago thru my friend Carol Walker...another dollmaker

  4. Dear Marlys,

    Now that you mention it; there IS a resemblance. It's those big blue eyes, yes? And of course that strong jaw line. Well, as for whether she's from Cornwall or Summerset, England, I cannot be sure.She might even be from Devon! This will take some research.


  5. Interesting that you mentioned Devon as some of my ancestors are from there. The Plumbs of course. I must look into this as I am certain she must be a realitive of mine. I do feel a kinship with her. The Plumbs were from Devon, Summerset, and Cornwall. When I visited England and stood in Victoria Station I felt as if I had been there before. Thank you for your sweet reply regarding the possibilty of Prudence Jane Plumb being part of my family.

  6. Prudence Jane Plumb,love the name, & love the dolly! Great job!
    Don't you just adore those little penny woodens? I have a couple and find them so endearing!

  7. She is Beautiful! And apparently did not want to part from you!
    Sandra Evertson

  8. Sometimes there is a reason why our favorites don't sell - they need to stay close to our hearts! Lovely Prudence obviously enjoys being by you...

  9. Glad you still have Prue!! She can remind you always of her worth and your worth. Dressed or not!

  10. Dear Prue had best cover up! I hear there's a strong storm brewin' and coming your way.
    So batten down the hatches and be safe.The dollies can all huddle together.Take care, Susan

  11. Hi Christine-Good for you keeping "Dear Prudence" with you. Now, whenever I listen to The White Album I will think of you at the second song.

  12. Wonderful! I also have some of my favorites which have not sold. They are near and dear to my heart :).

    I can see that Prudence was happy to not be parted from you!

    All my best


  13. Hi, Kitty,

    It is important to hang on to some of our creations, isn't it? This one might have sold if the lady had actually seen the price correctly. To this day, I'm glad she did not!

  14. Christine,

    Thank you for your wonderful comments! Of course I would love to make some of my paper ornaments for you! If you would like some, just email me!

    You are too sweet :).

    xo Kitty

  15. Oh, how lovely Prudence Jane Plumb is!! I wouldn't sell her either after that. Your peg woodens are wonderful all gathered together. Absolutely charming!!

    Warmest holiday bear hugs, Aleta

  16. Hi Christine....Prudence's fate was sealed...your home is meant for her!

  17. So glad you held tight to Prudence...she is lovely!

  18. I am so glad you kept her. She is a little beauty! Thank you so much for your visit and sweet comment!!

  19. Hello fellow Oregonian~
    I just saw you mentioned on Vanessa's site and I love your doll Prudence! I'd love to see more, do you sell them in Salem or elsewhere? I'm glad to find this site as I'm always looking to meet other dollmakers :)
    ~Christine Alvarado
    Bend, Orgeon