Wednesday, October 16, 2013

New Blog Design

I am so thrilled to announce that my new blog design was just completed today by the wonderful Karen Valentine of Valentine Design.

She is also noted at the very bottom as you scroll to the end.

Karen captured my love of the Gothic Victorian sense of mystery and beauty.

I hope you will enjoy my lovely new design, and trust that I eagerly look forward to adding more of my world on this blog.



Donna Pizzi said...

Very lovely, and eerie! Congrats.

Deborah Miles said...

I also love Gothic Victorian. My house is a small 1895 Queen Victorian. But, soooo small, its really hard to work with. I love your new website, she did an awesome job.

Thank you,

Mary said...

Very pretty! Now you just need the wrought iron fence in your header in front of your home. But don't tell Greg it was my idea!

Lady Linda said...

Scary! Love your new blog design.