Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Space at Oregon Antique Mall one Month Later

It will actually be one month on the 28th. My small space has been very active and I am having so much fun filling it up with treasure upon treasure. From a market research angle I've noticed that right here in beautiful Oregon City, Oregon, primitives and Victorian sell equally. My assemblage arts are doing very well and it is now time for me to put a few things onto my online shop Old & Good, as well as to get some new dolls onto my website. I'm even toying with adding another, larger space to Oregon Antique Mall. Busy hands are happy hands!

It is imperative that I offer only what I love. So if you do not see much mid-century (obviously, 20th), that is simply because I am not terribly enamored of it, yet.

Notice the cute pumpkin and the cloth cat. I bought Netty LaCroix's recent cat and pumpkin patterns and made them. I hope to make more, because I love all of Netty's designs!


Tina Eudora said...

Christine it all looks so fabulous and I have to say I envy you living in an area that has a place to rent space from. I would be in heaven for sure! I wish you the very best of luck with your endeavor, but judging by the quality of items I see in your photos you have all the talent you need to make this a huge success!
Tina xo

Katie said...

Your hop looks lovely! I hope to get down that way some day here. The cat and pumpkins turned out great! I love that style!

gretchen said...

Oh, Christine...i leave town for a few days and see what happens! I am so happy for you and even more glad to see/hear that you haven't slowed down creating even a little bit to keep your wonderful space in the mall full.
See you soon ~
*air* kiss
*air* kiss

Ruth said...

Oh, I wish I could visit your space! I guess I will have to wait until next year. Please visit my blog as I posted pictures of my GM's wedding dress (from 7/1/1899). I think you will like it!

Bama said...

Everything looks great Christine! How exciting! I'm so glad business had been good for you.

rochambeau said...

Congratulations Christine! Your space looks FAB! And your on a ROLL!! you go girl!