Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I Really Have Been Working on Dolls

So much to do just living every day, and yet I'm still managing some dolls. The four seen here, soon to be added to the website are Jane, Hattie A., Hattie B. and AnnaBeth. I'm working on a Tess, a Tillie, three Amy's, 2 Maggie's, 1 Emma and some small dolls. Just wanted to give a sneak peek at what's happening in this art room!


Bama said...

I adore the Hattie dolls especially. Love your work!

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Love them all Christine!!! Your work and detail is wonderful!

Carolyn :)

Terri said...

Oh they are all wonderful! I love the clothing you create for them as well as the names you pick. You are such an amazing creator!

Christie said...

You just make my day when you post pics of your dolls! But then I just think...maybe I could get one more...oh, the restraint I'm having to use!
My pink crystal cabinet knobs arrived for my kitchen cupboard...and I am thinking on a special place for Bella when she arrives in a few more months.
Your work is just lovely my dear. Thank you for sharing.
Come visit...I have a photo tour of our Rose Water Cottage;)
Hugs and blessings,

gretchen said...

Love the dolls and how you dressed them - all that tiny pin tucking and beautiful lace!

Larkrise garden girl said...

Your work is a treasure to look at .Love them all. You have been a busy person wow!

Heckety said...

These are sooo bee-ooo-di-ful! And the way you've photographed them is stunning and adds greatly to the charm!

Erica said...

Amazing! Love your work!

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Whispering Hills Studio said...

Love seeing your dolls!! So beautiful and detailed!! Thanks for sharing!!


Katie said...

so lovely.

rochambeau said...

They are great Christine! My fav is Annabeth with the crown! Lovely~