Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Pink and The Kid's Room

I have favored the color pink for all of my life, with my second favorite being pale, robin's egg blue. I grew weary of the pumpkin shade of woodwork in my "guest" bedroom and have whited out that color so that I could have as much pink as I want. Well, I told my four year old granddaughter, Grace, that said room is now "the kid's room". She loves to come to Mimi & Baba's house for a "Sweep over". Yes, that does translate to sleep over. 

I found the lovely pink panels above and the sweet balloon curtain below at Target in the Simply Shabby line and I just love them. I tell you I drink pink in as if it were medicine.

I stenciled that pretty "fantasy vine" as it is called from my Jan Dressler stencils and I knew I only had to do one patch of it right where it is, otherwise it might have been too much were I to have surrounded the entire room in it.

The next step is to go to Toys R Us and buy new things for Gracie to play with rather than to subject my antique dolls to torture. I am having such fun with my  "kid's room"! And indeed, I know it would  be nicer to call it "The Children's' Room", but hey, this is 2011, not 1888. Tee hee.


Mary said...

So that's what a balloon shade is! I love that shade of pink.

Larkrise garden girl said...

What a precious room! I love the room with a view. I couldn't help but look outside the window and think it reminded me of Thomasina an old Disney movie with a little girls room and this tree outside the window.Such a sweet room.Cheri

Zachary said...
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Katie said...

What a lovely room. Lucky granddaughter! :0)

Sarah said...

You are lucky to have the extra room! I like the colors! I have been in a pink mode. I too am feeling the need for an extra stay over room for grandchildren. I would have to give up some of my work room...hmmm...not sure about that...I finished a doll. Take a look!

Terri said...

How wonderful to have a room for your grandkids! Pink is a lovely color. I am sure your little loved ones are really going to love it!

The French Bear said...

As my little granddaughter Sophia would say, pink makes me happy!!! I love the curtains, how exciting to be decorating and filling the room for the children to play in!!!
Margaret B

Suzanne said...

Oh I do love the pink curtains! Any girl would want to spend time in there playing. A wonderful resource for natural toys that would enthrall any little is Nova Natural toys--all the beautiful woods and colors. Wishing you happy times with your grandaughter:-)