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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

February Signs of Spring

Today I went out and snapped a few pictures of some budding greens of spring. The sun shone beautifully against the blue sky and the air was 53 degrees comfortable. I love the Creeping Jenny that covers our stone wall through summer. My neighbor actually used to rip it off! Our first year here I told her that I was horrified that some culprit had done this. She said she did it, because previous neighbors and she do not care for the stone walls being covered in growth out of fear that the greenery will eventually destroy the wall. I told her that I can handle it, and so she respects my love of my Creeping Jenny.

Creeping Jenny

Budding Daffodils

Tiny Iris

Candy Tuft

Rosemary that belongs to a Neighbor's Yard

Same Huge Rosemary Plant

Again, Same Rosemary Plant


More Hens

Tiny Laurel Blossoms, or so I think they are, but I don't really know.

More Blossoms of Laurel? Just don't know. Judging by the leaves only.

Narcissus? Daffodils?

White bells?

Budding Daffodils


  1. Green is a sight for sore eyes here! We have 2.5 feet of snow on our roof!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful green pictures...I think greenery on a old stone fence looks wonderful...I really loved the book you shared in your previous post...I love Miss Potter :) and Tasha Tudor...I am going to see if I can find that book and get a copy for myself....blessings,Shelley

  3. I love all the pictures you took!! You have such pretty views!!
    I'd love to see your kitchen one day!! I am sure is is just beautiful!!