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Thursday, March 12, 2009


I found this twig arbor and fence online, somewhere, and I love it. Yesterday I pruned my daughter and son-in-law's apple tree so that I might have some twigs to begin creating some of this charming, old world rusticity. I love it!

If anyone has the know how for making twig things, please share! I just love twigs!

Never mind, for I have found a book on it and successfully made a twig arbor!


  1. AHHHH , so "secret garden"-ish.
    I love it too! Can't wait to see yours Christine!

  2. Really love this arbor and fence. You are so good at finding thing to spark the imagination! This yard is so lovely!

  3. Soak them and put 'em together, I think.

  4. Hi Christine...Thank-you for visiting. Always nice to "see" you.

    Love the twig arbor...so pretty. Adds so beautifully to your garden.

    Have lots of twig baskets...admire them but haven't got a clue how to put them together. I do remember making baskets and we had to soak them...but twigs are kind of big for soaking aren't they?

    Hope someone can help.
    Take care,
    Hugs, Nancy

  5. HI Christine! Yes~ I LOVE this too~ when you live in a nice "green" environment with lot sof rain~ as you all there do~ they look especially wonderful. Just weave them together~ every here and again, you can put a little nail in to keep them in place~ specially if you are making an arbor
    xoxxoox rachael

  6. Oh, I love that arbor! I've always wanted to try to build a little decorative twig fence for my herb garden, and in the latest "The Old House" magazine, (which I happened to glance through while waiting in the dentist office!), had an article on how to build one. I'll send you a link I found.

  7. This is beautiful..i too love arbors and such..especially with wonderful flowering vines growing up them. I do believe you can soak the twigs and then form the shape..I'm sure that certain trees would lend themselves better to this...so perhaps a Google search on the best trees for the project:)


  8. Its beautiful! I wouldnt even know where to begin to make one though ;)

  9. There is a book, "Making Twig GArden Furniture" by Abby Ruoff.

  10. There are Two books I purchased many years ago at the Adirondack Museum in New York State...Their known for their 'Bentwood' Trellises, fences, arbors etc...
    The first is 'Making Bentwood' by Jim Long (storey books)which is the loveliest of books, I'm sure it would be More than helpful Second (as someone else has wrote) 'Making Garden Furniture' by Abby Ruoff...

    Hope this has been helful, they are a true piece of Art...

  11. Christine, that is darling!!!! Can't wait to see what you do...

  12. When I pruned my apple tree last year, I kept many of the branches. I want to build a fence from them to grow sweet peas - I love their fragrance! Love the pictures you found.


  13. hi Christine,
    I have done the twig arbor actually I have done furniture too.I once wove a basket using the ground as a base.It was about 3 feet across.I loved it all but it does not last.It is a lot of work for only a few years enjoyment.I will have to search for pictures of the things I made. There are books.I have several that tell you just how to make all things twig.If you cut fresh and use right away you do not have to soak the branches.If you wait they tend to break.Ditch willow is really pliable.
    Here in Iowa we are awaiting another snow storm.Spring will arrive one day soon --- I hope.
    Judy J

  14. Hi, Judy,

    Thank you for the info. Actually, everyone, I have made my arch, and I'm quite proud of it, but I'm waiting of the Jasmine to grow over it before I take a picture. I did get a wonderful book, and I love making twiggy things. True, they won't last too terribly long, but that's okay with me!