Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Paper Doll Faerie Liliana

This is a fun style of making paper dolls wherein I paint a piece of chip board white, on both sides, after which I cut out a picture of a beautiful old-fashioned person and paste it onto the prepared chip board. Next, I cut it out. To that I add paint in order to transform it into my painting. I love to embellish these "paper dolls" with laces, vintage netting, silks and other ribbons. Of course, I make their wings of print-outs of butterflies, and sometimes I create an insect-like wing using paper and pen. My faeries must either stand beside a vignette that I create, or upon a stand. They are usually permanently affixed.

This is just one style that I enjoy doing.

This lovely one is named Liliana. Liliana virtually means gracious lily to the faeries.

Liliana costs $38.00 + Shipping.

She can be bought at my Etsy Store by clicking HERE.

If you do not shop on Etsy and still wish to buy Iliana, email me at christinelefever@comcast.net.

Thank you!


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